Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla & H.P Board of  School Education Dharamshala 

National Cadet Corps(N.C.C)

Assitant Professor Mr. Narender Kumar , Department of Commerce , is the caretaker of the NCC(Army) wing. Both boys and girls can opt for NCC depending on their aptitude and physical fitness. The college is known for the emphasis it lays on the NCC training. As per NCC rules, a cadet is required to atttend Annual rainng Camp(ATC) each year and undergo service training for a minimum period of 65 hours or 96 periods or 40 parades during the academic session. In addition to  this normal training, students ae required to undergo further service training for which they volunteer and which may, from time to time be sanctioned by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India or by State Government. The uniform issued to the cadets should be used with care. Any loss or damage shall be made from cadets. NCC cadet attended various camps during the academic session.