Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla & H.P Board of School Education Dharamshala


The college has constituted Women Harassment Cell as per letter No. 1-72/HPU (CDC)/2009-689 dated 04/09/2009. The following are its members:

  1. Dr. Ranju Bala Patyal 97364-28001

Principal, Chairperson

  1. Miss. Mahima Kumari 88945-19800

Asst. Prof. in Chemistry

  1. Mrs. Bhuwan Nayyar 94181-17006

Asst.Prof. in Zoology

  1. Ms. Suman Kumari 98164-43584

Asst. Prof. in Chemistry

National Cadet Corps(N.C.C)

Mr. Rashpal Pathania, Deparment of Physical Education, is the caretaker of the NCC(Army) wing. Both boys and girls can opt for NCC depending on their aptitude and physical fitness. The college is known for the emphasis it lays on the NCC training. As per NCC rules, a cadet is required to atttend Annual rainng Camp(ATC) each year and undergo service training for a minimum period of 65 hours or 96 periods or 40 parades during the academic session. In addition to this normal training, students ae required to undergo further service training for which they volunteer and which may, from time to time be sanctioned by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India or by State Government. The uniform issued to the cadets should be used with care. Any loss or damage shall be made from cadets. NCC cadet attended various camps during the academic session.

National Service Scheme(N.S.S)

Program Officer of N.S.S. National Service Scheme has been introduced in the college through H.P. University and the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare. Govt. of India to provide opportunities to the students to gain valuable practicle experience in community service through programs such as eradiction of illiteracy,slum clearance, road building, voluntary health service, agricultural development, removal of untouchability, family and national integration campaigns and other national development projects.The aim of NSS is to develop amongst the students a sense ofv participation in Nation Building by providing creative outlets for their energies. Its motto is "Not Me But You" and"Service Above Self". The college has one unit of NSS. Students having an aptitude for social service and rural upliftment can join NSS students are required to put in 240 hours of work per year including a seven days NSS camp. NSS volunteers who attend NSS camps regularly get an advantage over others in admission to higher classes.

Youth Services Club

Assitant Professor Mr. Narender Kumar , Department of Commerce , is the Youth Co-ordinator of Youth Services Club. Youth service club is associated with Directorate of Youth Service, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh. Youth Club of the college buzzes with activities throughout the year. Various youth camps, hiking and trekking camps, tours, excursions are being organized. Any student can become the member of the Youth Service Club. Legal Literacy Camp was organised in the college campus by the HP Legal Services Board,Dalhousie. Students were made aware about the domestic violence laws, criminal and civil-suits and traffic rules. In addition to that he also elaborated about Right To Information Act, and Anti-Ragging Act. A large number of students attended the camp.

Red Ribbon Club

Red Ribbon Club is a collaboration project of H.P. State AIDS Control Society, Shimla, that helps increase awareness on HIV/ AIDS and removes the stigma attached to the deadly infection. Mrs. Bhuwan Nayyer, Asst. Prof., Deptt. of Zoology is the program officer of Red Ribbon Club in the college. Students are enrolled as members of this club every year. These members spread awareness and help to improve the stigma attached to HIV/ AIDS. Many activities have been carried out by this club. Red Ribbon is the global symbol of solidarity with HIV positive people living with AIDS. It unites the people in the common fight against disease. The preamble of Red Ribbon club states that the HIV/AIDS situation in India has become catastrophic and the epidemic represents and unprecedented crises. The first AIDS case in India was detected in 1986, and since then, HIV infection has been reported in all States and Union Territories. More than 5.22 millions Indians are infected with HIV today. The AIDS related suffering of individuals, families and socities is enormous. If left unchecked, the AIDS castastrophe in India will continue to worsen.


Sanskrit Sahitya Parishad

Students who opt Sanskrit as subject, are its members. Others students can also join this Sabha. Various activities are held every year. Sanskrit department celebrated to promotes its revival and maintenance. Its is celebrated on Shraavana Poornima, that is full moon day of Shraavana month in the Hindu Calendar.

Hindi Sahitya Parishad

Students who opt Hindi as subject, are its members. Others students can also join this Sabha. Various activities are held every year. Hindi department celebrated birthday of Late Sh. Munshi Prem Chand which falls on 31st July.

Political Science Society

Political Science society of this college is headed by the head, Department of Political science. All the student who opt Political Science as major subject are its members. Others students can also join this society.

Dharam Shiksha Club

Mr. Tej Singh, is the incharge of Dharam Shiksha. A course in Dharam Shiksha is conducted every year. Special emphasis is laid on creating awareness among the students about the rich cultural heritage of India. Any student can opt for this course.

Arya Yuvak Samaj

The object of this body is to draw attention of the students to fundamental truth which forms the basis of humanism and its universal application. It tries to inculcate a sense of national pride and civil responsibility among the students.

History Society

It is headed by the Head, Deptt. of History. All the student who opt History as major subject are its members. Others students can also join this society.

Information Technology Club

All students, who opt for Computer Science as a Subject,are its members. Other students can also become members of this society. Mr. Tej Singh, M.Sc. (I.T), Computer Assistant, is its head.

Business Club

Business club is headed by Prof. incharge in Commerce Department.All the student who opt Commerce are its members. Others students can also join this society.