Affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla & H.P Board of  School Education Dharamshala

Annual Day

The annual day celebration is organised by the management, students with great interest and enthusiasm. The day is celebrated during the first half of accademic session. It provide an oppurtunity to assess the achievments of college. The students are actively associated in the all the segment of the programme. Rather they manage all the activities by themselves. As these day falls right next to the sports day celebration, the energy and the spirit of the students always stays high. 

The curricular and co-curricular activities have equal significance in the teaching – learning process. So, development of infrastructure to meet adequate requirement for both is essential.  The presentation of annual report of college activities is a special feature of the annual day function. Felicitation and distribution of certificates of merit in due acknowledgement to the students and faculty of the college for their exemplary performance in different academic pursuits forms another segment of the programme. Overall championship in Sports for respective team will also be declared along with overall boys and girls champions. The gathering on this occasion will be addressed by the Chief Guest with special focus on the students to work hard and smart and be confident and face the challenges of real life.

The cultural activities performed by the students’ exhibit their hidden talent. The students always needs an outlet to showcase their potential and creativity. The students will need mentoring and proper direction to channelize their potential. The various activities performed on the occasion include skits, songs under different styles, musical performances and so forth. The students anchor different segments of the function with a view to work independently.

The audience comprising of students, faculty, staffs, alumni, former teachers etc. enjoy every item of the programme with a great fun. Especially students are seen highly jubilant and appreciate the performances of their fellow students by putting their hands together.

To prove productive citizens, to serve the society in different walks of life, students need to acquire latest knowledge through a rigorous academic process duly embedded with value education and skill – orientation in their respective disciplines. Total personality development of students is the hallmark of an effective education system; otherwise, lopsided development of personality of its citizens has made a havoc of life that the society witnesses today.